Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage Plans

Most Medicare Advantage plans have no premium beyond what you pay for part B of Medicare ($144.60 for 2020).

They include your Part D coverage, often with better benefits than stand alone Part D.

They may also include money for Dental, Vision, and Hearing coverage,  and gym memberships.

We help you see if you qualify for extra help on your Part D, which lowers your drug copays. Some clients qualify for the State Medicaid program to cover their Part B premium, and possibly medical deductibles and coinsurance. If so, there are Medicare Advantage plans that will have even more generous benefits.

Medicare Advantage plans focus on preventive checkups and caring for chronic illnesses, resulting in less time in hospitals and less money spent on medical care than with traditional fee for service Medicare.

Let us check to see which plan works best for your prescriptions and your medical providers. We will also help you apply for any extra help you may qualify for at no extra cost. Many of our clients were unaware they could qualify for these extra benefits!